Dylan Jacobsen

Burlington, NJ · (609) 575-7088 · djacobsen1998@gmail.com

I am a experienced and self driven software developer specializing in mobile application development and web application development. I enjoy working on cutting edge software as well as optimizing legacy systems to ensure that they're scalable.


Software Developer

Realtime Information Technology

Currently, I am working as a Software Developer at Realtime Information Technology. My work consists of optimizing and adding new functionality to the many different modules involved in a Student Information System (SIS). As well as working on the core system, I was tasked with leading the development of the Android application. I spend a good portion of my time working out how the application will scale for the future and ensuring the code I write is efficient, easily manageable, and well-documented for the other developers. I utilize technology like Coldfusion, SQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and anything else that may be appropriate to accomplish the task at hand. Alongside my developer responsibilities, I spend time communicating with the support team to ensure the success of the web application and the mobile application.

December 2016 - Present

Personal Projects

Founder & CTO

Baryonic Software

Baryonic Software is a software development company I am currently working on. The intent is to provide affordable, reliable, modern software solutions to businesses and professionals with an emphasis on responsive, mobile friendly user experience.

January 2018 - Present

Founder & CTO


Politidex is a project that I’ve been developing for a few months now. The applications intent is to provide users with access to information about the U.S. government. The information will be in regard to: who is currently in the house, who are the current senators, what are your constitutional rights, which committees currently exist, as well providing a breakdown of state census’ and metrics. Alongside the educational aspect, users will be allowed to rate their representatives. For this project I have decided to utilize PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and any other language that may be beneficial to the success of the project.

October 2016 - Present

Software Developer

MMORPG (Private Server)

At the age of 14, I was the lead developer for an MMORPG private server in which I provided content to 2000+ daily active users (DAU). During this period, I handled all server-sided development, scripting, and provided security to prevent unwarranted threats such as DDoS attacks and manipulation of game content. Unrelated to the development duties, I configured the servers and maintained them to ensure a steady, stable operation for the end users.

August 2012 - September 2014


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams


Apart from doing web and mobile development professionally, I enjoy working on my many different side projects as well researching new technology/news pertaining to upcoming technology.

Aside from my passion for technology, I enjoy math, physics, world history, and television.